The Secret to a Happy Life

Do you want to gain confidence, reduce pain and stress, and achieve your goals? Do you want to live a happy life? All of this is possible for you and the best part of it all is that it is free! All you have to understand is “the law of attraction.” The law of attraction […]

Some Ways on How You Can Become a Better Person

The new year has come and people have listed their own favorite new year’s resolution. Most of the time, people list losing weight and be healthier when the new year comes but they also forget that be a better person should be a top priority. To make this transition a bit faster, here are some […]

Beauty Is In The Body And Mind

The dream goal of many a teenage girls: to win a Miss World or a Miss Universe title; then, she is, one of the most coveted women on earth. Yes, the wish, ‘I am pretty and desirable’, is omnipresent. Options There are three options: * an ambitious Eve, with a pretty face and perfect figure, […]

How to Deal With Toxic People

Most of us have been unlucky enough to have experienced people in our lives who can only be described as toxic. Whether they are the emotional vampire who literally drains you with their perpetual dramas, or self-obsessed bore who asks you how you are and then proceeds to tell you all about their day before […]

The Lost Art of Listening

How many times have you found your attention wandering when listening to a boring speaker? How many times have you nodded your head in understanding even though you may have missed the main point? There is nothing wrong or irregular in this behavior. It happens to all of us, all the time. We may hear […]

Charm Your Way Through Life

I flirt all day long. I flirt with my audience when I speak, I flirt with all the women I meet, and yes, I flirt with men if I want to make them like me. As a dating coach for men, I talk a lot about how to build attraction – which is essentially how […]

The Quick Fix Mentality: (Trap)

You have most likely heard a child say, “I want it now!” After that, you may watch the child go into a tantrum if the child doesn’t get it. This is the quick fix mentality. When a parent caves into the demands just to shut up the child, many times it leads to more of […]

Dreams – The Mysteries And The Truth

Since time, immemorial people used to discuss dreams with awe and wonderment. Dreams were supernatural experiences for the ancient thinkers. They believed that dreams were prophetic. In those days interpretation of dreams was a valued profession. During the prehistoric period, both the idealistic and the materialistic philosophers had shown great interest in interpreting the dreams.